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Summary: This fun game player turn timer manages 2 players, teams or groups with 15 different character avatars.

Updated: Jul 16, 2013
Category: timer, turns, players, teams, play, countdown, clock, game, board games, strategy games, word puzzles, party games, custom, countdown timer

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Developer: FunwithyourPC
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For any game that uses a timer to limit a players turn. 
This fun and easy to use timer manages 2 players, teams or groups. 
The app has 15 different character avatars, 
choose any 2 different characters for players or teams 1 and 2. 
Setup a custom countdown timer for turns from 10 minutes to ten seconds. 
Or use a preset timer, 1 and 3 minute timers and 30 seconds on the clock are built in. 
Adjustable audio warnings, set an audio warning ticker to start when a player has 10 or 20 seconds 
left to play. Or turn of the warning ticker completely if you prefer. You can also manually stop the timer if a player completes their turn before time 
runs out. Can be used anywhere for 
board games, strategy games, word puzzles and other party games that use timers. 
Designed for casual games, this app is not intended to be used for official events.
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