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Summary: You, an egg and a hole. No time limit.

Updated: Oct 6, 2017
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Developer: Maniac Kicksirup
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Warm sunshine, mountains, bloom and green grass. The hole is black and waiting The golf flag is near. Do you hear birds? Their song is hypnotizing You can only see the ball -- the egg it is! Egg-ball is jumping, to the hole! Yes! You win!
You can play Golfing Egg with your own set of rules f.e. do not touch ground, stroking only off-the-wall, shooting ball only in one direction or just chill out and enjoy beautiful landscapes and sun Let the time goes by!
So how far can You go? 100 holes is a breeze! It's too easy for You. Go for 1000 holes!! It's so addictive You can score even more holes in one day.

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