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Summary: GPS Tools is a complete pack of all the utilities which uses GPS functionalities

Updated: Jun 1, 2018
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Unlimited number of GPS Tools like speedometer, weather & forecast informer, air pollution monitor, location finder, phone tracker, level meter, compass, satellite finder etc,.
 Best app in 'Tools' category     All essential tools in a single app
Your search for multiple GPS related tools for different uses ends here. Download now and have all tools in a single app! It is a very useful app for any kind of travellers and the people who depend on GPS and related utilities. Nowadays most of the time we need to know about our current GPS location & its address, weather, forecast, air quality, vehicle speed, satellite signal strengths, GPS alarm and more. This app helps you to find all those informations from your sitting place itself.
Simple, clean and modernised user interface makes you to handle multiple tools in a single app by simply swiping left or right!All the tools in the app are being loved by our customers. You can customise the order and visibility of the tools. So that you can hide the tools whichever you want. By reading user reviews, you may understand how useful our app is. 
What's inside:
  NEW! Air Quality Index (AQI) - helps you to know about the air pollution in your area
  Speedometer - Find accurate speed in KPH, MPH and KNOT units. Statistics of All time Max Speed and Todays Max Speed will let you analyse your speed
  Location & Address Finder - Find GPS status, accurate location and related address. You may share the location to your friends so that they can know your location 
  Weather - Get accurate current weather & forecast report and plan your trips accordingly
  Compass - Magnetic / Target Compass provides heading direction towards destination you set
  GPS Alarm - Get notified while you are in or reaching the region you set
  Track & Find your lost phone - Location tracker helps you to find your lost phone 
  GPS Satellites - Shows the position of available GPS satellites and their signal strength
  GeoUID - GeoUID tracking helps you to track your family members, friends or anybody using this app
  Sensors - Shows the available phone sensors and its status & values
  Map Tools (Distance Finder, Area Finder, Elevation Finder) - Helps you to find distance, area or elevation/altitude of any location or region you select
  Spirit Level Meter - Helps to find the surface level and can be used by carpenter and architects
  and more tools on upcoming updates
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