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Updated: Jun 22, 2018
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GRE Exam & Preparation
The GRE is the most common graduate school entry exam and is also accepted by many business schools. In this course, full-time GRE tutor Vince Kotchian guides you through a complete preparation plan for the exam. He extensively covers the three major components of the GRE: analytical writing, verbal reasoning, and quantitative reasoning. He also outlines the structure of the exam, explains how to study effectively, and provides test-taking strategies.
Topics include:
	Setting your GRE goals
	Preparing a study timeline and choosing materials
	Analyzing sample GRE essay prompts
	Learning easier ways to solve GRE math problems
	Studying arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and data analysis
	Improving vocabulary and reading comprehension skills
	Using technique for sentence equivalence and text completion questions
	Reading difficult passages
	Learning methods to solve different kinds of comprehension questions
	Developing effective test-taking strategies
0. Introduction
 what you
1. Welcome to the GRE
 Structure of the GRE
 GRE scoring
 How the GRE test adapts to you
2. Preparation and Test-Taking Strategies
 Establish baseline score and set goals
 Prepare a study timeline
 Build your study sequence
3. The GRE Analytical Writing Assessment
 Overview of the GRE essays
 Review sample GRE issue essay prompt
 Review sample GRE argument essay prompt
 Scoring criteria for both essays
 Develop a thesis for the issue essay
 Issue essay examples
 Argument essay flaws
 Language, grammar, and writing mechanics
 Analyze an issue essay
 Analyze an argument essay
4. GRE Quantitative Introduction
 Overview of GRE math questions
 Build math concepts
 Test-taking math skills
 Build mental math skills
 5. GRE Quantitative Techniques
 Using the calculator
 Quantitative comparison technique
 Estimation technique
 Backsolving technique
 Translation technique
 Variables in choices (VIC) technique
 Adding numbers technique
 Make things look alike technique
 Find patterns technique
 Find patterns technique
 Integers: Factors, multiples, and reminders
06. GRE Arithmetic
07. GRE Algebra
08. GRE Word Problems
09. GRE Geometry
10. GRE Data Analysis and Statistics
11. GRE Verbal Reasoning
12. Question Type. Text Completion
13. Question Type. Sentence Equivalence
14. Question Type. Reading Comprehension
15. Question Type. Function
16. Question Type. Logic
17. Conclusion
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