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Summary: Humble Assistant in hard work developing applications under Android.

Updated: Sep 12, 2018
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Grumi Monitor Free App Description:
Developer: Alexey Tikhomirov
Support Email:
VERSION 1.0.16
The application IS DESIGNED to review the system Android, its properties, quick access to the properties of the device on which the application is running, installed applications, services and so on, and is recommended for beginners and experienced developers, allowing them to see the results of their work in reality.
Application modules provide the following features:
- viewing device properties;
- viewing the device's operating system environment variables;
- viewing a list of installed applications and their properties, such as the API level, activities, receivers and so on;
- viewing a list of services currently in use on the device and their properties;
- file system browsing;
- viewing third-party files in accordance with their access rights and types;
- viewing the components of the APK files;
- viewing structure and tree of resource tables;
- decoding on the fly XML resources of APK files in accordance with the table of resources;
- viewing DEX application files;
- quantitative calculation of classes, methods and fields in a DEX application file;
- logging external applications updates;
- browse applications updates differences;
- access to context-sensitive help topics;
- and many other things.
The application uses the unified standard user interface. All the management is determined by the main menu of home page, an additional menu of current page and the context menu for the selected object.
UI interface: english, russian
More information is available on application home page
PS. You need OpenGL ES version 2.0 or higher to be installed on your device.
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