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Summary: Guitar Tune Simulator is an easy real guitar imitation: tap with your fingers the virtual strings to play a melody!

Updated: Apr 14, 2017
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Requirements: Android OS-2.3 and up
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Guitar Tune Simulator is an easy real guitar imitation: tap with your fingers the virtual strings to play a melody! Want to learn playing real guitar? Want to be a rock star? Hire a teacher and learn playing the real guitar! The app Real Guitar Simulator is only for virtual rocknroll! It DOES NOT teach you! Act like you know how to play guitar melodies with this simulator! Show your friends how youll rock the party if you learn! Use Real Guitar Simulator as a prank for friends! No need to know the music notes! No need to know sol-fa or 
know how to play real guitar! Just tap virtual strings with your fingers
You want to learn how to play guitar and you are searching for perfect guitar app which will help you? You don't need to search anymore because you find Real Guitar - Guitar Simulator app and you can be sure that this best guitar app will help you. Great things we prepared for you. In the first place - metronome. You can play music and metronome will help you to see if you are playing right or wrong. In the second place - rhythm guide which will help you a lot in your practical training. In the third place - song play. Now you will have opportunity to play some of the most famous guitar songs on your virtual guitar. List of song is big and, we are sure that you will find perfect guitar song for you. But, this is not all. Guitar chord book is another great thing that you will have with Real Guitar - Guitar Simulator app. Guitar chord book is very useful because it will help you to find out guitar chord position. Touch some virtual guitar chord and you will hear chord sound and you will remember where is which chord and how it sounds. This is very important guitar lesson. Show to all your friends, who love guitar music, best guitar simulator free and they will be fascinated with guitar app that you have on your Android phone. Fantastic thing is that you can play music anytime, anywhere, even if you don't have your guitar with you. You only need Real Guitar - Guitar Simulator app on your Android phone and that's it. All of this great things you can have for free. You only need to download our guitar simulator and to enjoy in great guitar music.
? Real Guitar - Guitar Simulator ? Features:
? have a metronome
? have a Rhythm Guide
? big list of songs to play
? have a chord book
? multi - touch support
? realistic guitar sounds
? works on all screen resolutions: phones and tablets
? you will learn to play guitar and you will have great fun
? you can share app on social networks.

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