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Summary: Hacker's Home :- Don't Learn to hack, Hack to Learn

Updated: Apr 27, 2012
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Requirements: Require Android 2.2 and up
Downloads: 4700
What is Hackers Home for Android:
Developer: The Red Hatter
Hacker's Home :- Don't Learn to hack, Hack to Learn

Application for hackers

Wanna learn to hack? Let us show you how!

Hacker’s Home is the 1st android app ever in the Google Play Store which includes tons of stuffs relating Hacking Computer, Wi-Fi, Website, Facebook, Emails with step by step tutorials and with live chat functionality which let you stay tuned with the ha+ckers all around the globe.

Note: - This Application is only for education purpose and is 100% safe. This application is designed by the developer for the reference only.

This App Contains Step by step Tutorials as how to :-

- Protect Your own accounts from being hacked
- Srong your own security
- Hack Websites with SQL injection and other methods
- Hack Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo & Msn Accounts
- Hacking and cracking Wi-Fi by bypassing securities
- Speed up your internet and optimize your PC
- Hack Phones via bluetooth
- Unlock any Phone

Index :-

*Protect Yourself > Virus Protection, Strong Password, Securing Your Ports, Protect Email Passwords, Using Proxies, Protect Your Accounts, Proxy Chaining, Wi-Fi Security, Clear the Cookies, Comment Attacks, Installation of Scripts, Generic Usernames, CHMOD Permissions and Much More..

*Website Hacking > Deface a Website, Common Methods, Remote File Inclusion, LFI - Local File Inclusion, Hacking PHP, Bypass Registration Forums, Finding Spoofed Website, Block and unblock Sites, Cross site scripting (XSS), Hashes and Salts, Password Cracking Tools, View Blocked Websites, Acunetix Web Vulnerability and Much more….

*Hacking Wi-Fi > Crack WPA – Backtrack, Crack WEP – Windows, Crack WEP – Backtrack, Crack WPS, Hack Wi-Fi. *Social & Email Hack > Facebook Hacking & Tricks - Hack via Emissary Keylogger, FUD Keylogger, Facebook Fan Page, Friends, Facebook Freezer, Tabnabbing, Desktop Phishing, Fire Sheep, Steeling Cookies, Rinlogger, Keylogger, SniperSpy Keylogger and More. Also Some Facebook Tricks Like Facebook Chat Tricks,Free SMS vis Facebook, Use Multiple Facebook Accounts at once and Much More. Gmail Hacking & Tricks – Find Account Creation Date, Delete Spam Automatically, Detect Unusual Activity, Hack Keyloggers, Make Phishers, Protect Your Account, Tracing E-mails, Send Fake Mails, Hack Gmail Accounts, RecoverHacked Gmail Accounts, Hack Gmail Accounts using GS Cookies, Hack Using Rinlogger, Hack Yahoo and Msn Accounts and Much More. Keyloggers – About Keyloggers, SniperSpy Keylogger, Winspy Keylogger, Ardamax Keylogger, Rinlogger, Install Spy Software (A Foolproof Method) and Much More. Desktop Phishing – Introduction to Desktop Phishing, Desktop Phishing Tutorials.

*Password Cracking > Basics of password cracking, Password cracking Tools, John The Ripper, Brutus Password Cracker, Dictionary Attack.

*Backtrack5 Tutorial > Nessus With Metasploit, Install Damn Vulnerable, Install Nessus, Buffer Overflow Attack, Hacking Training (Armitage and Metasploit), DSN Spoofing, Social Engineering toolkit, Matelgo, Karmetasploit, How to use Armitage, Integrate Nessus, Fast Track Hacking, Nessus Setup, Skipfish, OvenVas Tutorial, Crack SSL, Integrate Nmap, DNSenum, WPscan, Helpful Tips, Theharvester .

*Free Premium Accounts > EA, Meghashare, Share-Online, Filesmonster, Unibytes, Uploading, Wupload, Usenext, Letitbit, Nod32 Antivirus.

*Mics. Hacks > Unlock all Phones, Buletooth Hack, Free Calls, Unlock & Hack any Phone, Internet Speed Hack, GPRS Hack, MTS Hacking.

*Backtrack Setup > Install Backtrack vis USB, Bactrack in VirtualBox, Dual Boot With Windows
*Windows Tricks > Windows 7 Themes, Computer Into Web- Server, Windows XP Themes, Funny Computer Apps, Password Recovery Tools, Crack Software, Hack Yahoo and Msn Accounts.
*Virus Tutorials > Virus Codes, Create Virus and Much More Such Amazing Stuffs!

E-MAIL SUPPORT AVAILABLE - If something isn't working for you, make sure you write us in feedback so we can help you. This Handbook will constantly be updated with new guides and tutorials without having to update the app, free of charge to everyone who downloads the app.

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