Happy Fruit Connection

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Summary: Well-designed levels. Lovely relaxed style.

Updated: Jul 17, 2016
Found in: stand-alone games, arcade, casual, casual puzzle, lianliankan, eliminate

Requirements: Android OS
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What is Happy Fruit Connection for Android:
Developer: garlic
Support Email: 1121705126@qq.com
Happy Fruit Connection 2016 relax a simple and addictive game.  so that the same fruits longest chain in this game exciting special powers. There are at each level, you collect fruit chain stores to fill these goals, all levels of the target will be eliminate when you pass this level of different targets.
Play Description:
1. Connect three or more same fruits to score.
2. Archive the target points to level up.
3. The rapid elimination of more fruits can get extra points.
Game Features:
4. more than 80 challenging levels and a lot of game props.
5. sweet and delicious graphics and cool animation effects.
6. The rules of the game interesting and amazing game play

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