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Summary: The latest news of hip hop and rap artists!

Updated: Jun 20, 2018
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Hip Hop - Rap News RSS Free App Description:
Developer: Anteos
Support Email: gerpanag83@gmail.com
Web Site: http://play.google.com
Are you a fan of urban musical styles such as rap and hip hop?
If yes, you surely want to know first about all news related to your favorite music - such as concerts, new albums, reviews, events, even gossip related to artists of rap and hip hop.
With "Hip Hop - Rap News RSS" we offer you a unique and convenient way to surf rap news, from within the app, without exiting it and loading a browser. And we offer you 15 different web sources in one!
This app uses a feature called RSS feeds to stream on the device, at real time, all news of hip hop and rap music from the most reputable online sources. More than 15 sources are included in this version!
The feeds we include come from popular websites, online sites of magazines, review sites, music sites and many others.
But what is an RSS feed?
RSS feed is a feature that loads all news from a particular website, in a convenient, easy to read layout which includes a row for each article, with a small thumbnail of an image, a title and a summary. Once you see an article that interests you, you can load the full story and even choose to visit the website that included the article.
In short, RSS feeds saves you time, because you choose what you want to read, instead of pushing into you sponsored content and Flash advertisements, so common in the gigantic, slow to load websites today. It also saves you money, because you spend less data from your contract plan!
With 15 sources, you actually get not one or two, but 15 RSS feeds! Such wealth of knowledge of news about rap and hip hop can be found nowhere else! 
Now you can cross-check the news to test their reliability, see different views from different sides and compare the stories yourself.
* 15 RSS feeds, the most popular hip hop and rap portals in the world
* Easy to read the news, without annoying hassles and delays
* Stylish - each row means a new article
* Updates at real time, through Wi-Fi or 3G/4G!
* Saves time and money, because you get informed about news faster and spend less data!
* 15 feeds in a compact app!
* Works on all Android running 2.3 and above!
* App2SD compatible
* Free forever!
Kindly let us know if you experience problems in this initial version of the app. We want to make this the top hip hop and rap news app in the market, and we are looking for your feedback!

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