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Summary: Horror Wallpapers enables you to find the perfect background with various motives from scary movies.

Updated: Nov 19, 2012
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Requirements: Android OS 2.1 and up
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What is Horror Wallpapers free for Android:
Developer: NisavacWallpapers
Support Email: petkonisavac@gmail.com
Horror Wallpapers enables you to find the perfect background with various motives from scary movies. Look through different pictures and pick the one you find best for your phone. Make changes to the size or its look and you'll get your terror wallpaper!
- Easy-to-browse interface enables you to find the desired background in no time!
- Customize the wallpaper to fit your taste and screen!
- Zoom, un-zoom, rotate, move, scale, adjust brightness and save your design!
Horror, as a genre, focuses on creating a feeling of fear. It features supernatural elements such as ghosts, witches, or vampires, or can address more realistic psychological fears. It can deal with the mundane or the supernatural, with the fantastic or the normal. It doesn't have to be full of ghosts or things to go bump in the night, but its only true requirement is that it elicit an emotional reaction that includes some aspect of fear or dread. What makes horror fiction or movies so pervasive is that its need to evoke the necessary atmosphere and sense of emotional dread is utterly dependent on who we are as people.
Terror is usually described as the feeling of dread and anticipation that precedes the horrifying experience. By contrast, horror is the feeling of revulsion that usually occurs after something frightening is seen, heard, or otherwise experienced. It is the feeling one gets after coming to an awful realization or experiencing a deeply unpleasant occurrence. In other words, horror is more related to being shocked or scared (being horrified), while terror is more related to being anxious or fearful. Horror has also been defined as a combination of terror and revulsion.
For all those who are fond of scary and horrifying pictures, or who like to have them as part of their phone background - this is the ideal app. Browse through different horrifying pictures with scary movies motives and pick the one you find best.

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