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Summary: When the hunting season comes, a good game hunter must be well prepared. Download Hunting calls, a free Android app full of numerous animal calls, sounds and yelps, and you are ready!

Updated: Dec 27, 2013
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If you think that bringing a riffle, arrow or a shotgun is enough once a time to hunt starts, you better think again! Animals may have a brain smaller than ours, but even they are not that stupid to come in the opening and wait for you to hunt them down, strap them to your car hood and brag to your friends how game hunting is a piece of cake. No, my friend, you have to strategize and decoy an elk into your trap. Try appealing to the animals by making nature sounds that are sweet tones to their ears. These sounds are actually known as hunt calls and hunters use them often while hunting. What these calls actually do is as you might have guessed, mimic animal noises. These can also be great as ringtones; actually these are the best ringtones for hunters. 

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