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Summary: Indian Railway Train Running Status provides you easy and fast way to provide all Railway related information which you need the most.

Updated: Oct 20, 2018
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Key Features
PNR Status Just enter your 10 digit PNR number and get updated Ticket confirmation status, If your ticket was in waiting status and got confirmed you can know your Coach and Berth details using Indian Railway Train Running Status app
Live Train Status Track current position of your train and know the expected time when it your reach to your station. You can get all the details for your searched train for there current position, delay information, arrival platform details and much more.
Train Between Station
Just enter the source, destination and date get the all Train list which is running between 2 stations. You can easy check the arrival and departure time of any particular train. 
Seat Availability This feature allows you to know all the details available seat on any train for the selected date, You can check availability in Sleeper,AC, 3rd AC, 2nd AC, 1st AC or Chair Car
Live Station
Get the list of trains arriving/departing from by any station within the next 2 or 4 hours.
Rescheduled and Cancelled train status Check all the list of rescheduled and cancelled train for your selected date.
Train Details Know the train running days, traveled stations and time table by just entering train number.
Disclaimer - All content available in this app is for general information purpose and is intended for personal non-commercial use only. You are encouraged to re-verify the information from official sources we are not in any way affiliated to IRCTC or Indian Railways or NTES. This app relies on public information available on 3rd party websites that you choose to access.
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