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Summary: Control your phone through speech commands.

Updated: Dec 3, 2011
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Requirements: Require Android 2.1 - 4.0
Downloads: 2786
What is Jeannie for Android:
Developer: Pannous
Control your phone through speech commands. Meet your Personal Assistant Jeannie

Meet Jeannie, your personal assistant
(formerly known as Voice Actions ∞)

Talk to your android. Ask it to:
* Set alarms and reminders
* Send text messages and email
* Voicedial your contacts
* Listen to music and poems
* Get news, facts and translations
* Search images, videos, apps and places
and much more
just by using your voice!

Uses Googles PHENOMENAL Speech Recognition

We made some special efforts to make this program compatible with
Android phones running version 1.6+ or custom ROMs in the paid version called "Voice Actions Plus".

Now also available on other platforms

See bottom!

Voice Actions - Feature List

Things you can ask Jeannie:

* call James at home
* text Maria that I love her
* news about Barack Obama
* set alarm clock:
* wake up monday at 8am

ask for the distance to the moon,
the capital of brazil
... and other simple facts!

* play music by bach
* launch browser
* open favorites,recent contacts
* search ebay, amazon, wolfram, etc.
* where is berlin center
* enable bluetooth

Say something and ask for it later!
I read poems to you,
ask for a quote about love, ...

* translate I love you in spanish
* email john ... I liked your song
* what sound does an elephant make
* install adobe reader

Call her Gini, Djini, Jeanie, whatever you like.
She will accept the nickname that you give her.

Get more Voice Actions for your phone:
* make a video
* navigate to Alaska
* contact john doe
* remind me to pick up Joe in 30 minutes
* video of snoring cats
* get me a pizza
* record audio

* image of the sunset
* define luck
* spell supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
* horoscope for pisces
* play a game (test)
* reads incoming SMS
* say 'speak faster, louder, chinese'
(SVOX recommended)

* close this application
* previous, next
or just use your fingers to swipe
and some undocumented magic...

Changes in previous releases:
Control wifi, bluetooth, volume by voice
Weather forecasts
Painting/Drawing by voice
Sent messages & reminders are saved
Jump to system settings

Many of those little improvements from your emails!  ;)
Take notes, search Quora (alpha)
Fixed reminder
!! Most things can be said in many ways !!

More function/skills than any other Assistant.
Compare to the great Speaktoit assistant.

All feedback highly appreciated.

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