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Summary: Read the latest Kenyan breaking news and watch live updated videos from the App.

Updated: Aug 2, 2015
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Requirements: Android OS 2.3,2.4
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Developer: Abaksh Apps
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Do you like watching news from Kenya? But tired of buying newspapers daily from the streets which costs you huge amount of money when accumulated over a period of time. Well we are glad to present you with Kenya News App:Habari where now you can watch videos and read the latest hot topics in the constitution of Kenya.
Kenya News App has the latest news bulletins on the most interested topics for our local citizens.
	General News-In this menu you would get information not only from Kenya but from Africa as a continent on the latest news from a variety of topics.
	Politics-In this menu you will find Kenyas trending news on politics and law.
	Business-This menu will give information on the corporate, enterprise, market, technology, Real estate sector of Kenya.
	Sports-This menu allows live news streaming for all the videos, so if you are a soccer fan then there is no need to watch your favorite goals on the TV. Apart from soccer news there are news from athletics, rugby, golf and others.
	Blogs and Opinion-in this menu you will be entertained by keeping yourself updated with Kenyan social gossip and sharing what other bloggers have on their topic of interest.
	Life and style-keep yourself busy by having information on kenya art and culture, family, health and showbiz.
	Videos-You can watch Kenya live news streaming videos on all the trending and updated news from politics, business, entertainment and much more.
Download Kenya News App now to gain all the knowledge and information about Kenya and Africa for FREE! no more buying of daily newspapers. Save money!
This app does not own the news feeds/content. We do not make any warranty, expressed or implied, assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, copyright, social appropriateness or usefulness of any information/feed/headline. 
Each news headline will thus contain a link to the original content owners as named at the beginning or end of the headline.

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