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Summary: 8 challenging games in One game for you!! Let's have fun in our Kids Fair Ground.

Updated: May 17, 2017
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What is Kids Fair Ground for Android:
Developer: GameiMax
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Dear little friends, Kids Fair Ground is finally open and all your friends have gathered there. Join them on Kids Fair Ground they have accompanied you for such a long time, today they will guide you how to play the game.
For the first time, we open 8 challenging games for you, in these games, you need to act quickly with your hands and be sharp-sighted, and meanwhile you should always keep your attention.
if you want to pass all the levels! Besides, you can try your hand in our Lucky Wheel. And more importantly, some locked games can be purchased by the coins you earn, so why not come to show your talent and enjoy more games?
~~~> Features:-
~~> Be active and act quickly with hands
~~> Tap to select and act on game 
~~> 8 challenging games
~~> Simple and smooth game play
~~> Endless Fun
Let's begin to have fun in our Kids Fair Ground anytime and anywhere!! Download this amazing kids game and make your kids happy!!

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