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Kids Matching Spelling Lite

Download Kids Matching Spelling Lite for Android phone

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Summary: Kids Matching Spelling is a tool of 4 applications (multi-language) to teach children in preschool concepts such as letters, words and numbers.

Updated: Apr 19, 2012
Found in: Education, Game, Kids, Teaching

Requirements: Require Android 2.2 and up
Downloads: 498
What is Kids Matching Spelling Lite:
Kids Matching Spelling is a tool of 4 applications (multi-language) to teach children in preschool concepts such as letters, words and numbers. Recognize letters and numbers in age preschool is crucial for their future learning.

The tool is based on the principle of "learn from mistakes", the application proposed a "question" that must be completed correctly in order to go to the next step, rewarding the child with applause. This creates a challenge that causes the child to improve while having fun.

The tool consists of:

1. Naming
2. Writing
3. Matrix
4. Bubble
5. Editor

Naming allows you to learn the alphabet numbers through a fun game of cards.
Writing helps us to write (draw) letters and numbers. The application is able to recognize whether the letter or number written (drawn) coincides with that proposed.

Matrix allows you to compose words, numbers and make the spelling. The "game" is proposed to form words from individual letters by choosing from an array of letters. The application notifies you if the letter does not coincide with the correct thus allowing the child to learn from his mistakes. You can also set the application with different levels of difficulty (highlighted letters, hidden words) in order to adjust the difficulty level of learning achieved. The words are read from a list or entered individually. Bubble has the same functionality as Matrix but the array of letters is replaced by bubbles containing the letters. The applications described above are each provided with a context menu.

Very important is the application "Editor" made available by the tool that allows you to create lists of words to be used in the Matrix or Bubble to create a customized training and evolving.

Editor allows the creation of lists of words to use with Matrix and Bubble.

Its features are typical of a text editor. To select a list tap on name list of the top screen.


-Languages allows you select the language to use
-Fonts allows you to select the font
-Size-Matrix allows you to select the number of rows of the matrix to adapt to different devices
-Number Bubbles allows you to select the number of bubbles in order to adapt to different devices
-Single-Word allows you to enter single words in Matrix and Bubble
-Word-List allows you to select the list of words to use in Bubble and Matrix.
-Sound-Effect allows the use of sound effects.

Voice Options:

The applications are based on setting standards of speech (TTS Pico)

Languages Options:

The languages that can be used by applications depend on the number of languages installed on the device.

Letter recognition Options:

The recognition is based on the library of the letters of the English language

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