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Summary: With the Life360 Security Center, turn your Android phone into the ultimate mobile safety device.

Updated: Feb 17, 2011
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Requirements: Android Phone
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What is Life360 Security Center for Android:
Developer: Life360
With the Life360 Security Center, turn your Android phone into the ultimate mobile safety device.

With Life360 Security Center you can:
- Track your family's real-time location using GPS
- View nearby safety resources and threats via the sex offender registry
- See who needs help instantly with safety check-in alerts

Child and family safety is the number one concern for modern parents. But with today's dangers comes brand-new technology that lets parents have peace of mind when it comes to family security. The Life360 Security Center brings all of those technologies into one easy-to-use mobile app.

- Keep your family safe with cell phone tracking system
- Know when your child needs help and where they are with the GPS tracker
- GPS Tracking is perfect for teens and new drivers
- Recognized by Fox News, CNBC, and other major media outlets

- Identify sexual predators, child molesters, and pedophiles
- Access the national sex offender registry (the most up-to-date offender database)
- See the sex offender list and Megan's Law profiles for each offender
- Search using your phone's location/GPS

About Offender Search:
Find out who lives in your neighborhood with instant access to the national sex offender registry, the country's largest, most up-to-date database of registered sex offenders, child predators, child molesters, and most-wanted criminals. Life360 Security Center allows you to identify the offenders in your neighborhood so you can keep your family safe.
About Tracking:
Family tracking is easier than ever with our child locator feature. Powered by the mobile phone's portable GPS, family locator let's you know where your family is and when they're in trouble. See their location on a map from your phone or computer, and have easy access to their medical information in the case of emergency. Tracking a phone is as easy as launching Life360 Security Center.
Our Products
Offender Monitor:
-Find Sex Offenders
Find where offenders live in your area or near your child's school. Our information comes from government databases so you can protect your family with the knowledge of who is in your neighborhood.
-Offender Records
We provide more than just an offender's name and address. With your Life360 account, you can access a complete dossier on each offender, which includes the convicted crime, a booking image, birth date, and physical profile.
-Email Alerts
Be sure to provide us with your email address during signup so we can notify you when new offender activity takes place in your area.
Family GPS Tracking
-Use your iPhone or Android device as a GPS tracker
If you have an Android phone or an iPhone, you can use it as a personal tracking device. Install our application on the phones that you want to track, have the app running on them, and the family members (and their phones) will show up on our real-time map.
If you don't have an Android all Life360 members are eligible for a GPS tracking device that lets you locate people, pets and pretty much anything else. Just put our small GPS device in your child's backpack or on the collar of your dog, and track your loved ones.
Family Alerts
-Secure a Communication Lifeline
During emergency situations and other peak times, communication channels often get overloaded. Emergency Messenger provides a backup so you can connect with family. -Avoid Jammed Phone Lines
Life360's advanced 24/7 worldwide messaging engine can workaround jammed phone lines and other downed infrastructure. Contact our system with a single call or email and we will deliver your message to your designated network.
-Fast and Instant Service
Send your message to Life360 and you're done! We'll instantly contact everyone in your family as many times as it takes for your message to get through.

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With the Life360 Security Center, turn your Android phone into the ultimate mobile safety device. With the Life360 Security Center, turn your Android phone into the ultimate mobile safety device.

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