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Summary: Little Empire, it is all about the fun of gaming!

Updated: Dec 13, 2011
Found in: games, casual, empire, strategy, 3D, combat

Requirements: Android Phone
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What is Little Empire for Android:
Developer: Camel Games
Little Empire combines tower defense and real-time strategy in a unique combat system that lets players plan strategic battles and utilize formation tactics. No more boring text-based battles and fully experience the thrill of combat as you command your hero to use spells and special abilities to crush oncoming enemies. The game provides a top-class arena that brings players world-wide in close contact with each other. Snatch resources, enslave players, arena showdowns. The gameplay is limitless as you battle towards the very top! Dozens of 3D buildings and combat units, more than a hundred missions, countless equipment and skill combination. A flawless LBS integration that brings the game onto the real world. Careful, your enemy could be right next door! With brilliant and delicate 3D models, Little Empire provides an awesome new visual and gaming sensation, are you ready to dive in?

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Little Empire, it is all about the fun of gaming!

Little Empire, it is all about the fun of gaming!

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