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Summary: A one of the best Hand Doctor kids games, Easy to Play and Treat with Fun !!!

Updated: Jun 25, 2015
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Requirements: Android OS 2.3+
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What is Little Hand Doctor - Kids Game for Android:
Developer: LancerWonders
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Kids will have fun during treatment of cute kids patients.
A cool game for kids and toddlers.
The Game is for those kids who love to play Makeover games, Dress-up games, Treatment games, Surgery games, etc.
In the Little doctor clinic equipped with Bandages, Clean-Water pump, Medicines, and Injections, using all these treatment equipment kids will have to do surgery of hand of the patient sitting in-front of kids.
A little Kids who is dreaming to became a doctor that game is raised his confidence level.
Parents Download and give the Game to Kids for Playing!!!!
Make your kids doctor ready with bandages, Medicines and Injections. kids patients are coming for the treatment with hands !

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