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Summary: The latest news of Philippines, from many different news agencies!

Updated: May 2, 2018
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Do you like surfing the news? This app is ideal for you!
We have developed "Live Philippines News" with ease of use and convenience in mind. 
This compact but powerful app aggregates news from more than 10 different news agencies of the Philippines and puts them all in a single, user friendly interface.
The news come from reputable agencies of the country and are presented in the app categorised based on the network they come from.
This means that if you feel like reading the news from Inquirer, you can do so by selecting the Inquirer button - same goes for the other news agencies we support!
The news are shown in an easy to read form - each row has an image and a summary. You can opt to read the whole story or check another news or another news agency. 
All of these happen within the app! You no longer have to browse websites for news, consume so much time and data just to stay up to date.
The app will always show the latest news at the top, and it will auto-update every time the agencies offer more news!
* Many popular news agencies of the Philippines
* Categorised news, easy to browse
* Loads the news fast the same moment they are published at the respective website
* Saves you much time and data, since you avoid large and heavy websites which clutter your phone or tablet
* Compact app, easy to use for everyone!
* Free!
Please let us know if there are comments, if you want more agencies in the app and about your feedback - it matters to us!

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