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Summary: Protect your Power-Off Switch 🔒📴 Lock Apps and Hide Photos ⭐ Best AppLocker 🥇

Updated: Apr 9, 2018
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Requirements: Android OS 4.1 to Android 7.1.1
Downloads: 34
lockIO Free App Description:
Developer: Locking Partners
Support Email: about@lock-io.com
Web Site: http://www.lock-io.com
With lockIO you can lock apps with password like any other App lock, hide photos from gallery in a Vault but most importantly: request a password to switch off your phone. 
 Power Lock will protect your power button and nobody will disable stolen phone!   No other Applocker have a similar feature, making lock IO unique! 
Lock Apps enable users to lock or unlock important apps with a Pattern, PIN or Alphanumeric Password   Lock apps kids access that you dont approve! 
As PREMIUM version, we incorporate features that will transform this AppLock pro into a house alarm to prevent stolen phone so can't find my phone 
 When a thief enters the wrong password, a loud alarm will start sounding, takes an intruder selfie and will vibrate, forcing any burglar to throw away any phone! 
If you want to hide photos from gallery, lockIO is your Photo Vault. Only AppLocker to lock screen apps that also hides pictures from the gallery and seq protect your power button!
   Hide photos, videos or voice notes from gallery in a vault. Nobody will access your private files without your consent again while they're in the photo vault, especially those nosy intruders. 
 Lock power off / restart options by requesting a password to turn off your phone
 Play Loud Alarm, take Intruder Selfie or Vibrate when strangers enter the wrong password (Premium)
 Lock apps hd with password, those with personal information such as Snapchat or Tinder
 Hide photos from gallery Vault and nobody will know they're in the gallery
 Hide private videos and voice notes from intruders in a Vault
 If you forgot your password when using applock to lock screen apps, you can set a Backup Password
 Use a Pattern, PIN (up to 16) or Alphanumeric (up to 24 characters) to lock apps and block the power button. App lock with fingerprint soon
 Lock apps kids use without your permission! 
 Available in English  , Spanish , French , Portuguese   , German , Italian , Hindi , Arabic  and Simplified Chinese 
We're aiming to please our users with new features besides lock apps with password or hide photos from gallery. lockIO will let you block the power button, lock apps download like the best App loker, hide photos in vault, and more seq features to protect your privacy.
Need information about why hide photos in vault or how to lock apps with password using this app locker Please visit lock-io.com/faq.html 
Pinup us for questions or feel like: i need help with my app lock, please contact us at feedback@lock-io.com 
V.1.6       Jan 25, 2018
 Premium protect features fixed for aaplock
 Darker PIN for lock screen apps and lock switch off
 PIN resetting error corrected while aiming lokio
 Minors bugs fixed while lock photo vault
Please check changes incorporate in previous versions of our app lock here: lock io .com/changelog.html 
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