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Summary: Say hi to Loki the Cat, the new digital pet to keep you and your kids company

Updated: Apr 11, 2012
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Requirements: Require Android 2.1 and up
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What is Loki the Cat! - Free for Android:
Developer: Loki Game Studios
Say hi to Loki the Cat, the new digital pet to keep you and your kids company!

Say hello to Loki the Cat, your new digital best friend!

Loki is the perfect pet to keep you company and cheer you up in those sad moments, softly purring in your hands and enjoying every bit of you attention. It's particularly good to entertain your children or even mess around with your real cat, due to its wide assortment of realistic sounds! Just leave your cellphone running Loki the Cat close to your real feline friend and see what happens :)

With the FREE version you get:

Show him how much you like him by playing with him and petting him in several different places and he'll soon grow to love you back!
Pet him for a while and he'll start softly purring and vibrating.
Touch his nose and he'll sneeze!
Check the statistics in "Settings > View Statistics" and try to top it up!

If you choose to purchase the FULL version, here's some of the extra goodies:

No Ads!
Play a great lullaby to set you and Loki to sleep.
Give him his Teddy Bear if he's feeling lonely or sad and watch him play with it.
Feed him a bowl of milk once in a while!
Play him a song during the night time, turn the lights off, and he'll doze off into sleep. Don't worry! He'll wake up the next morning, if you don't turn the lights on before!


Lovely 2D cartoon graphics.
Zoom in and out with the usual pinch gesture.
A real day/night cycle.
A whole lot of different high-quality sounds.
Loki responds differently depending on where you pet him and how happy he is.
A great lullaby to set you and Loki to sleep.
Soon to be released are a live wallpaper and battery/weather widget.

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