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Summary: Looper is one of puzzle games playing in response time by tiny tap timely. Looper - puzzle games with the latest gameplay ever is going to fill up your boring day with its refreshing pleasures.

Updated: Aug 31, 2018
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Requirements: Android OS
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Looper - Best Puzzle Games Free App Description:
Developer: Najin Game
Support Email: support@najingame.com
Web Site: http://www.najingame.com
If you are in the mood for playing puzzle games then looper is no doubt your best choice, thanks to its ability of bringing a joyful recreation.
Looper gameplay looks simple but it is indeed funny, challenging also. Warning: we are not responsible for causing any kind of addiction!
We are pleased to introduce to yall how to play looper: Your mission is to create the loop which moves limitless in the sphere. In order not to collide with other spheres, you should tiny tap so your sphere can move timely. Pay attention to response time, make sure the loop is created in 3s.
We suggest you observe carefully movement of the sphere, listen to the music beat to tiny tap timely. Just remember not to let the spheres collide in the response time, as you already know, 3s, then you make it to the next level.
Looper is a type of puzzle games. To overcome the games challenges, you should be good at calculating, being patient and a son of the Lucky God. 
Looper promises to satisfy you in any way possible:
-	Levels from low to high are designed to challenge you to create the loop from easy to difficult. 
-	Visual and musical effects are ready to make you wow. If you let no sphere collide with each other after 3s of response time, looper will welcome you to a spectacular glowing screen.
-	There are a huge number of interesting sphere characters, pick up your favourite one and bring the game designers to their knees!
We aim to create a joyous atmosphere for you to enjoy recreation by never letting annoying advertisements come into your sight as several other games.
So what are you waiting for? Lets get your recreation worth it. Lets play looper - puzz;e games!  
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