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Summary: Generate random numbers,user defined items for lotto,bingo etc. between different number ranges.Also contains cards/coins flip and Sudoku games.

Updated: Oct 17, 2018
Category: lotto, radom numbers, generate numbers, card game

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Developer: Walter Coppola
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Lotto Random Number generator App offers a easy way to generate random numbers, for a game or for general work-personal requirement,between different number ranges, different amount of numbers per range and the number of games per range. The produced numbers can be saved, exported to csv file and also directly emailed elsewhere. Allows for the number ranges to be directly altered, stored as defaults, the generation of unique or possible repeat numbers to be created, how these numbers are displayed and exported.  Statistics of the numbers generated (number repeat count, percentages, totals) are displayed in the popup results viewer. (Via the settings page the results viewer can be turned on or off to be displayed directly after processing). To manually display the stats click the viewer button. Flip games are also included i.e coins heads or tails game. User number/items can be created i.e. Names. The included Sudoku game provides a range of game levels, various controls for the game and player to solve the puzzle. Sudoku is a game where each row, column and each 3x3 square must contain numbers 1 to 9. Numbers can not be repeated in any row, column or 3x3 square. Each 3x3 square is represented by a colour.
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