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Summary: This is not the offical application for MadBid.

Updated: Nov 19, 2011
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Requirements: Tested and Works on: Gingerbread 2.3
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Developer: Welshdroo Inc
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I made this application because i know alot of people like to use madbid on the go and would like to keep an eye on there bids.

This application shows the website and allow users to view all auctions like the normal site does. We are aiming to improve the GUI on the application so please keep eye on application for updates and we will place a change log on this description part of the page to inform people of the changes to the application.

If have any ideas to help inprove the application then please send email to the support email indercated on the page or leave a comment with the details.

Please Leave a Comment or Fav the application.

.: Companie Information :.

If people have an application in mind that they wish to be created then the companie will aim to make the application for you. Please leave comment with the information of application you like and details of the application like what like the application to do and what like GUI to look like etc or send email to the support email with that information and we will then inform you when it is published.
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