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Summary: We all like to watch amazing magic tricks and we are always curious how those brain illusions work. So if you like to know more about magic tricks you can download "Magic Tricks" app and become a great magician.

Updated: Sep 21, 2012
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Requirements: Android OS 2.2+
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This application is a collection of lessons that are great for you to learn magic tricks such as optical tricks, best card tricks, number tricks and tricks with different objects. When you learn all that, you can say to your ftiends, "Betcha Can't" and amaze everybody around you.  
Make sure you learn your tricks well because it is very important to look like a professional when you want other people to be astonished with the illusions you make for them. There are also a lot of amazing card tricks or tricks with coins or other objects that are easy to learn but difficult for other people to understand when they watch.  
Math tricks are the best tricks for kids, because they can see that maths can be very interesting so it can help kids to be better at school and enjoy learning.
Have fun with your ftriends with our "Magic Tricks" app!

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