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Summary: The intension behind making this application is to easily type Malayalam in Android Phones.

Updated: Mar 23, 2013
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What is Malayalam keyboard for Android:
Developer: Arise Peter M
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The intension behind making this application is to easily type Malayalam in Android Phones. For easy use  All the alphabets are given in three tabs namely sware, kootta ans chillu. When we usually type in malayalam we find difficulty in typing “Koottaksharangal” since you should exactly know the combination of letters to obtain a “Kootaksharam”, To avoid this problem the most difficult “Koottakshrangal” is given in a separate tabs. The vowel signs are given in floating groups so that it can be reached throughout. Other letter groups are scrollable. When we type letter like “ka” in any Malayalam font by default it will print “kvu”. As an experiment this is set it to the same letter in this application, so you may type just like you write Malayalam.
Please note that This application works only in Android Versions starting from Honeycomb(3.2)
Option to  share or copy paste text to facebook,email,SMS,Twitter etc. is avilable
Even though you can type Malayalam as the font is packed with this application file, If you share or copy paste to another application,  unless Malayalam font is installed in your device, the text will shows as blocks only. But you can sent it via email since receiver can read it in a computer. Direct Facebook integration will be provided from the next version.
For installing the font in your device do the following,
1. Download (Fontomizer) from the Google Play (
2. Go to your Settings > Applications > and make sure that Unknown Sources is checked. Checking Unknown Sources allows you to install Android Applications from sources other than market. 
3. Download Akshar Unicode from Font for Galaxy SP and install on your phone. "Font for Galaxy SP"  lists fonts in alphabetical order. Click on alphabet "A" to download Akshar Unicode font 
4. After installing Akshar Unicode, go to Settings, Display, Font Style and select Akshar as your display font. For downloading from Google Play scan the QR code or search for it.
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