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Summary: Replace your GPS with Map Rules. Easy navigation, Sharing, and Location Events.

Updated: Apr 5, 2011
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Requirements: Android OS 2.2 Any Screen Size
Downloads: 6750
What is Map Rules FREE for Android:
Developer: COG Tactics
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Map Rules is a Google Maps application that replaces your GPS and allows location & time based events.  Provided with custom algorithms to provide the best balance between accuracy and battery life.  Highly configurable to adjust behaviors to fit any type of use.  Share any location as a link over email or text.  Launch Google Maps Navigation in driving or walking mode for directions to locations.

Location Events allow the following to be enabled, disabled, and triggered upon entering and exiting locations within specified days and time periods:
- Wi-Fi
- Notifications
- Bluetooth
- 4G
- Text Messages
- Ringer Settings (Normal, Silent, Vibrate)
- Toast Messages
- Phone Vibrations

This application does not abuse your information and requires permissions soley to provide features. Permissions are described later in this description.

Map Rules provides the following features:
- Find and follow current location and direction
- Save locations and assign names, icons, contact information, and notes
- Set a location as your home with the ability to quickly find and navigate
- Navigate to any saved, manually specified, or searched location in driving or walking mode
- Share any saved, manually specified, or searched location to contacts over email or text
- Automatic location geocoding to determine address
- Time based location events, reminders, and alarms
- View map layers including satellite, traffic, and streets
- View location accuracies
- Map drag and drop locations
- Visual intersections between current location and a location radius
- Search saved and new locations by address or name
- Background service for triggering location events
- Support for Metric and English measurements
- Location list views sorted by distance or name
- Dial a phone number for a saved location
- Configurable accuracy and battery balanced location algorithms using Network, GPS, or both
- Algorithms using a max straight line speed to minimize the frequency of checking user location
- Location entrance and exit confirmation times, ignoring entries with a quick exit
- Location event reset times preventing location events from triggering again for a specified time

Example uses:
- Turn Wi-Fi on and off at locations
- Turn Phone ringer to silent / vibrate at work
- Notify with reminders upon entering locations
- Send text message when leaving or arriving to a location
- Turn 4G on at locations with known coverage
- Email or text your location to a friend on a computer or phone
- Email or text a meeting location to a friend on a computer or phone
- Navigation to get directions for driving home
- Navigate to a saved or searched location
- Navigate to a location with walking directions
- Save your parking location to find it later

- The Map Rules Icon by: Julia Baumgart
- Map picture icons from:

Permissions Explained:
INTERNET - Google Map data, application licensing, searching addresses / locations, advertisements
RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED - When enabled, service starts upon phone start
CALL_PHONE - Enables manual calling from saved phone number
VIBRATE - Long click draggable icon indicator & Location events
ACCESS_WIFI_STATE - View the Wi-Fi state for location event
CHANGE_WIFI_STATE - Change the Wi-Fi state for location event
ACCESS_WIMAX_STATE - view the 4G state for location event
CHANGE_WIMAX_STATE - Change the 4G state for location event
BLUETOOTH - View the Bluetooth state for location event
BLUETOOTH_ADMIN - Change the Bluetooth state for location event
SEND_SMS - Send text messages for location event, Manually share locations
MODIFY_AUDIO_SETTINGS - Modify ringer settings for location event
WAKE_LOCK - When service enabled, keep service running during phone sleep. Only held while checking the location, then released. User may also enable wake lock on map view.
READ_CONTACTS - Configuring text messages for location event

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