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Summary: Evolutionary Mobile Maps and Directions .

Updated: Feb 17, 2011
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Requirements: Android Phone
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What is MapQuest for Android:
Developer: MapQuest
Evolutionary Mobile Maps and Directions .

Voice-Guided/Turn-by-Turn Navigation – Your phone speaks to you, telling you when to make a turn.
Voice Search – Speak your destination or your search, for hands-free input.
Place Map Toolbar – Look for restaurants, coffee shops, gas stations, etc. with one 1-click.
Auto Re-route – If you take a wrong turn, it will your route will be automatically adjusted your route to get you to your destination.
Walking and Driving Directions – Choose to walk or drive and we’ll give you the best route either way.
Live Traffic Flow/Incidents – Extensive coverage that’s updated every 5 minutes, to help – to keep you on time.
Map Rotates in Orientation of Travel – So your map is easier to read (with ability the option to lock to north up).
Satellite Maps, CitySearch Reviews, and more!
OpenStreetMap (OSM) Map Setting - User-sourced maps can provide unique local perspective and detail.
Bug Logging for OSM – Standing in front of a new building? Report it to the community and they’ll fill in the missing pieces.
Bug Logging for OSM – Identify trouble spots in the data for an enthusiast to update, improving the maps.
International Maps – Automatic OSM maps for international users, so you can– allows users to take MapQuest abroad.
Make MapQuest your default map app on your Android device. Try it today!

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Evolutionary Mobile Maps and Directions . Evolutionary Mobile Maps and Directions .

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