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Summary: Relax your mind and soothe your soul with amazing meditation music!

Updated: Mar 1, 2018
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Developer: Anteos
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Do you often find yourself suffocated by the modern way of living, full of stress and anxious about the future? Or maybe you are a fan of yoga and meditation techniques to help calm and reinforce your body against stress?
What you surely need is this application! A must have for everyone, "Meditation Music Forever Radio" offers you a wide selection of stations with lounge, ambient, nature and meditation music. Keep it installed in your phone or tablet and enjoy the amazing effect of relaxing music for yourself and the people you love!
The most popular stations worldwide have been carefully selected and added in this application for the best meditation radio in the market! Relax, de-stress and strengthen yourself even on the go, by listening to amazing high quality music though Wi-Fi or cellular internet access.
***Spectacular Features!***
* The top lounge, meditation and nature stations added.
* Intuitive app interface, super-easy to use.
* Compact application size, suitable even for older devices with low available storage space.
* Media information display.
* FREE application!

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