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Summary: Stay always informed on rock and metal events and other news!

Updated: Jun 20, 2018
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MetalliNews Free App Description:
Developer: Anteos
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"MetalliNews" is the all new exciting new Android app for fans of rock and metal, as well as related genres of the hard sound!
We know that you want to be always up to date on news related to your favorite music - we know, because we are metal fans too and have gone tired of trying to check on rock events, new albums announcements or concerts news through websites that are simply too cluttered and annoying to surf!
So, we designed "MetalliNews" with ease of use in mind and with the ultimate target to manage to offer metalheads an easy and unique way to surf the news from the most popular online sources. And they would be able to do it from within one app interface, simply by selecting the news source they want to check.
How it works:
The application uses RSS feeds to display news from 13 different news sources - they are news websites, magazines, web portals, all of them renowned and with many years in the heavy metal and hard rock ecosystem. 
RSS feeds reflect the actual news, as they are in the respective websites, and they will show up in the app the same moment they are published. 
The huge difference is that with an RSS feed you get all the news in one screen, sorted by time of publishing (the newest ones show first) and without Flash ads, sponsored content, weird looking layout, etc. In fact, the news show as rows, with an associated image and the news summary. 
You can load any of them and view the complete story, which will also lead you to the website, if you wish so.
Advantages of RSS Feeds:
* You save time, because you choose what you want to read and you see things clearly on the screen
* You save data from your device's data plan, because you do not load many different huge websites. On the contrary, you only use one single app that aggregates all your news sources!
* They keep the application's size small
And do not forget - "MetalliNews" includes 13 different news sources, not only one! With so many RSS feeds you can actually confirm the news you are reading. If they exist in more than one news source, then you know it is true!
The feeds will keep you always up to date on news of the hard sound, such as new albums, live concerts, new appearances, reviews of albums, even gossip about the artists!
So what are you waiting for? Grab this compact app and impress your friends with all your knowledge about things happening in the metal world!
* 13 RSS feeds for rock and metal news
* Stylish, metal-styled theme
* Easy to use
* Loads news fast, through 3G/4G or WiFi
* Always updates the news the moment they are published in the respective websites
* Free!
Kindly let us know if you enjoy the app and what your comments are by sending us a line or two on our support e-mail. We strive for a better experience for users and will take your feedback serious!

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