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Summary: The 2nd version of Mini Clinic, a must have clinic guide for medical students and health professionals, has been thoroughly revised from standard sources and reformatted to make the information more relevant and understandable. I hope this application will be of considerable use to my fellow medicos.

Updated: May 22, 2018
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Mini Clinic Free App Description:
Developer: Himankan Kashyap
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Features: Learn bedside clinics (from history to examination) with illustrations, listen to heart sounds, view X-Rays, search latest drugs etc.
The images are self explanatory and all the info have been taken from trusted sources. May be used without internet, but for extra features (illustrations, X-Rays, heart and breath sounds) an active internet connection is required. For the data conscious, only a little amount of data is used by the app.
It supports all Android devices. Use right away!
In case the app malfunctions or produce bugs on use, open app menu and select "Update Viewer" and update your Android Web-view to latest version.
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