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Summary: MirrorMirror is a social media app for sharing images with your friends, family and the world and getting votes on which your network prefer. With just a few clicks you can create, upload and share your post via social media, text or email and get definitive results on what people prefer.

Updated: Aug 1, 2017
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Requirements: Android OS 4.4
Downloads: 39
MirrorMirror - Compare Anything Free App Description:
Developer: MirrorMirror
Support Email: sarah@askmirrormirror.com
Web Site: http://www.askmirrormirror.com
Unlimited possibilities to post
With MirrorMirror you can get feedback on almost whatever you choose. Heres some examples;
	Fashion: Share your style or get help with shopping or outfit decisions
	Lifestyle: Make group decisions on where to meet or what to do on a night out
	Design: Get opinion on your interior choices or find out which of your graphic designs is most popular 
	Food: Get feedback on your culinary creations or ask for inspiration for your next meal
	Travel: Share your best vacation photos or ask where advice on where to go on your next trip
	Beauty / Grooming: Find out what hairstyle your connections think suits you most or search for the shade of lipstick that compliments your look 
	Celebrity: Who is the most popular musician? Which celebrity wore it best?
	Fun: Who would win in a fight; a gorilla or a shark? 
With MirrorMirror the choices really are endless!
Simple & social
	To create a new post just upload your first photo then upload your second photo 
	Add a description to tell everyone what the choices are
	Add hashtags so more users can discover your posts and to get more votes
	Share directly to Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and other popular social media sites or via text or email.
Cast your votes 
	Vote on your friends posts or follow influencers and brands
	Click or swipe on the photo you prefer to vote
	Immediately see what percentage of voters agree with you 
	View how many people have voted on the post
	Vote on your friends posts or follow influencers and brands
Search for inspiration
	Find the most popular posts
	Discover great content from other MirrorMirror users, including international influencers and bloggers
	Search hashtags and explore inspirational content
Seen something you like? Click to buy it!
	Voted on something you like? On selected posts you can choose to shop what youve selected
	Shop the latest trends and best products
	Click to visit the worlds leading and niche brands & retailers 
Safe & friendly
	No comments = no trolling
	Report posts you find inappropriate
 *Nude photographs, obscene or pornographic, racially or religiously offensive images / posts are not permitted.
* MirrorMirror is one of the hottest fashion apps of 2017 New App Critic
* Top 5 Apps for Fashionistas, BuzzFeed
* 5 Apps to help you get to choose & buy the perfect outfit, AllWomensTalk
* The new stylish way to engage with your friends, Apple Magazine
* Nominated in Social / Lifestyle category for The Best Mobile Apps Awards
* Nominated for The Accenture Innovation Awards 
* The Next Web Class of 2017
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