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Summary: MosaicMirror is an amazing and innovative (Video, Photo and Gallery) Puzzle

Updated: Jun 12, 2018
Category: puzzle, jigsaw, video photo, gallery, moving, static, all ages, 3d

Requirements: Android OS
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Developer: nexminup
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MosaicMirror is a free Android video game.
This original application is an amazing and innovative Puzzle.
It has three modes of operation:
 1 ) Puzzle built in Real Time Video, on the reception of the video front or back of your Smartphone.
 2 ) Puzzle built on an image taken from the video (Front or Rear).
 3 ) Puzzle built from an image to choose from a pre-registered database of MosaicMirror
On the other hand, there are two levels of difficulty:
 a ) the STATIC Mode where the pieces are fixed as in a classic puzzle
 b ) MOVING mode in which parts move faster and faster as in a carousel as you go
      as you approach the end of the puzzle (the pieces you put in good place become fixed).
Its configuration is intuitive and pleasant (animated 3D buttons).
Your best Score is displayed at the same time as the score you just obtained when you have completely recreated the chosen puzzle.
There are 6 levels in number of pieces (6, 12, 15, 24, 35 or 42 pieces).

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