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Updated: Dec 15, 2013
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Requirements: Android OS
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What is MP3 Music Downloader for Android:
Developer: Saby.Org
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MP3 Download All Music is MP3 Search Engine for Free android application with fast search and free download from public MP3 sites or public MP3 search engines. We have more features, including:
- Easy for search Song or Artist/Band.
- Preview Song of MP3 file (Listen MP3 File).
- Fast and Easy to Download MP3 file.
- Hot and Top Music Charts (International, United States, United Kingdom, Canadian, Japan, Korean, Germany, France, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Australia, Brazil, India)
- MP3 file can to set as Ringtone your phone.
- We have more than one millions link of MP3 files from public MP3 sites.
** Important [Disclaimer - Legal Notice] **
1) This app is not host any of the songs resulted on this app.
2) Our server indexes files that are located on remote servers which neither this app nor it's affiliates have any connection with / control of / association with.
3) You as a user actually download the MP3 files from another host service.
4) All the audio files are presented only for fact-finding listening.
5) You MUST remove a song from the phone after listening.
6) If You won't delete the files from the phone, You'll break the copyrights protection laws.
7) All the rights on the songs are the property of their respective owners.
8) By using this app, you agree to have read and understood our Terms Of Service.
9) No files are cached or stored on MP3 Skull servers, all data comes from their various sources on the internet. Do not download copyrighted material without permission. MP3 Skull is a search engine designed for LEGAL entertainment purposes only. This search engine is in no way intended for illegal downloads.

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