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Summary: Bring the golden era of disco and more on your Android devices!

Updated: Aug 14, 2018
Category: 70s, decades, disco, music, radio, rock, rock and roll, jazz, blues, soul, funk

Requirements: Android OS
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Developer: Anteos
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"Music From The 70's" is the all-new radio application dedicated to the amazing Seventies!
We have included many radio stations from all around the world. All of them play quality music from the 70s, such as early electronic, disco, funk and so many other exciting musical genres!
We guarantee an amazing musical experience by integrating only radio stations that offer high quality audio streams and by minimizing the loading times of all stations.
Each station comes with logo and media information display, so you will always recognize the music playing.
Indulge yourself in the amazing seventies, the golden era of worldwide music! No more static, low quality of audio or reception problems, because we do not use conventional AM/FM radio - instead, we stream the music from online sources. This allows you to tune to stations that transmit from another state or even country!
***Spectacular Features***
* Crystal-clear audio quality, low loading times
* Many radio stations playing music from the decade of 70s, such as funk, disco, rock
* Media information display
* Autoplay feature
* Easy to use, just select station and music will play automatically
* Compact application, App2SD compatible

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