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Summary: Easy home bar management, always have a list of all cocktails you can make and enjoy! Cocktail descriptions, pictures, detailed preparation steps.

Updated: Mar 22, 2012
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Requirements: Android OS 1.6
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My Bar lets you easily keep track what's in your bar and what cocktails you can make. The application has a list of various booze, juices and fruits, you just check everything you have and My Bar generates a list of all cocktails you can try now. I often invite my friends to cocktail party and it is very handy to have such list. Otherwise I have to browse all cocktails one by one and check what ingredients I have or not, but during a party it's boring, I just want to try something new right now!

The app has 4 main windows. The first one, "My Bar shelf" has a list of all ingredients I checked earlier. If I can make a cocktail with any of them, I can see it right away near that ingredient. For example, now I can see I can make 2 cocktails with bourbon. I tap on "Bourbon" and see 2 highlighted cocktails: "Old Fashioned" and "Whiskey sour", I can make them right now. Below them I see gray "Sidecar" and I can see that Cointreau is missing for this one.

If I look on "My cocktails" screen, on the top I see a list of cocktails I can make, below - a list of cocktails I _almost_ can make, that is, one or two ingredients are missing. So I know what I need to buy to have more cocktail choice, that's useful. Every cocktail in the list has a short list of ingredients so that I know what to expect without tapping on each. "All cocktails" screen has a list of all cocktails in the app, sorted alphabetically. Highlighted by blue are cocktails I can make in my bar, grey - something is missing.

A cocktail screen has a picture, short description and detailed preparation steps. The app can do substitutes. For example, if some cocktail is usually made with Cointreau and I don't have it, but I have Triple Sec, the app will show that I can make that cocktail with Triple Sec. Ok, but Triple sec does not burn :)

Ingredient page has a list of cocktails with that ingredient. Of course I can see which of these cocktails I can make right away.

Settings include switching to imperial system, adding quick filter for "manage bar" and "all cocktails" and turning off requiring garnish.

Now the app has about 110 cocktails and soon there will be more. My Bar Pro costs 0.99$ but there's a free version with ads.

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