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Summary: My Docs for Android - Google Docs Mobile Web Application

Updated: Feb 19, 2011
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Requirements: Android Phone
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What is My Docs Google Docs for Android:
Developer: RCS, LLC.
Do you want to easily access, manage, and upload to your Google Docs account from an Android device? 

My Docs puts all the functionality of the desktop version of Google Docs on your Android device. Quickly and easily create, filter, star, share, rename, delete and upload documents from your Google Docs account. In addition to the application, you can also add our included widget to the Home Screen for quicker access to your information.

What can you do with My Docs?
Search and Filter your Document List
Star, Share, Rename and Delete your Document
Easily upload files from your device to your account
Create new documents and edit them on your device
Use our widget for quick access to your documents
Directly access your account or view your documents online with our built in browser

How to Add a Widget
To add the My Docs widget to your home screen, just follow there easy steps:
Press the "Home" key (typically in the shape of a house) to go to the main screen.
Look for a page in the that has space available for you to add a widget (you will either need a whole empty page or a page with an empty row).
Press the "Menu" key to see the menu options.
Select the "Add" menu option.
Select "Widget" from the list of add menu options.
Search for wither the "My Docs - Large" (which covers the whole screen) or "My Docs -Wide" (which covers a single row).
Now you have access to your documents from your home screen...

How To Modify a File
You can look at the list of your files by clicking on "Search docs" on either the main application screen or on the widget.
Once you get the list of items, you can either:
To modify a single document, press and hold on it and choose the type of modification (share, star, rename, delete).
To modify multiple documents, press the "Menu" and select the type of modifications. Once you select this option, a new screen will come up that will allow you to select a single or multiple documents to modify.

How to Upload a File
There are various access points to upload a file:
From the main menu, select the Upload menu option.
From the search window, press "MENU" and select "Upload"
From the widget, select "Upload" located in the bottom right.
Once you see your files and folders, navigate to the appropriate file and select it.
Allow the upload of the file and go to the search window to see it.

How to Create a new Document
Currently Google only supports of editing Documents and Spreadsheets.
Creating a new Document or Spreadsheet can be done from various places:
From the main menu, select either "New Document" or "New Spreadsheet". On the new dialog give the document a name.
From the widget, select "New" and then either "Document" or "Spreadsheet". Then on the new dialog give the document a name.

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My Docs for Android - Google Docs Mobile Web Application My Docs for Android - Google Docs Mobile Web Application

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