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Summary: To gradually cultivate your baby the family concept and learn the relationship of his/her family by the simple interactive operations and the family tree.

Updated: Mar 28, 2013
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Requirements: Android OS 2.0 and up
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★★★★★★★Products of Baby Bus★★★★★★★
Let our babies easily recognize the family members: like grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, elder brother, and elder sister. Move your little finger, and take a picture of your mum and dad, the picture on the family tree can be replaced by the appropriate picture of a family member.
Lovely pictures, rich and interactive elements make this app more interesting and also strengthen the children’s intuition concept. By using the conventional concept "family tree" of the early childhood education, children will gradually establish the awareness of the relationship between them and other family members in just a simple, interesting and interactive operation.
The scenes use the common living behaviors as the main body, the pictures are clear and beautiful, and the subtitles’ pronunciation is clear and standard, easy and playful interactive operation. Using an interesting game to let our kids easily understand the relationship between them and other family members is the main purpose of this app.
▶design concepts:
We focus on inspiration, not just learning.
We focus on capacity-building, rather than a single cognition.
We focus on entertaining, rather than spoon-feeding teaching.
Take the baby bus, which is loaded with a happy childhood!
▶The series introduction:
Baby Bus is the first brand in early childhood educational software (field of mobile Internet), which is developed specifically for preschoolers, and includes two series which are the Age(1-3) and the Age(3-6). The series of the Age(1-3) combines the main concepts of early childhood education for 1-3 year-old babies and covers the cognitive development, games, songs and other relevant categories. The applications of Age(1-3) are designed to train the baby’s cognition ability and hand-eye coordination skills.
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