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Summary: MyMarket is a customizable overlay for the Android market

Updated: May 29, 2010
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Requirements: Android Phone
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What is My Market for Android:
Developer: Chris Hager
My Market is a customizable overlay for the Android market which allows you to bookmark, recommend, remove, filter and preview items in the listings. The aim of this project is to bring more fun into browsing new and popular apps and games. 

My Market Features

- Keyword filter for title & dev
- Description and comments preview
- Bookmark, recommend and remove items
- View recommendations based on user votes
- Basic search function
- My Downloads with Updates
- US and EU market results

My Market Screenshots

MyMarket is a customizable overlay for the Android market MyMarket is a customizable overlay for the Android market

MyMarket works quite similar to the normal Android market. The main categories are "Applications" and "Games" (with subcategories), "My Downloads" and Search, as well as Bookmarks, Recommended and Removed. In the settings users can select US or EU market results, and the way of searching for updates of installed apps.

A single click on items toggles the options (detail preview, recommend, bookmark, send via mail, remove), a long click opens the Android market. The light bulb icon brings up a preview of the description and the first 3 comments of an app. The menu includes the "Change View" to switch between free, paid and both type of apps, and "Filter". Custom filters can be created to remove items which include certain keywords (in the title or developer name).

Recommendation System
The recommendations of apps and games are generated each hour, based on how often this item was recommended by MyMarket users in the last few weeks. An item needs 4 votes to be included in the recommendations, and the number of votes are displayed below the rating.

My Downloads
"My Downloads" displays a list of your installed apps and games with available updates, as well as a quick-link to uninstall a specific app. Users can refresh the list manually via "Menu" -> "Refresh", and MyMarket can automatically search for updates (can be changed in "Settings" (via the main Activity's menu)). A click on the red X icon brings you straight to the "Uninstall Application" dialog of the Android phone.

On browsing the category listings and adding a new filter, the last clicked items will be suggested (autocomplete) when entering the keyword.

Data Storage, Importing and Exporting
The database with bookmarks, removed items and filter is stored in /sdcard/mymarket/mymarket.db. Users can copy the database to other devices, and also re-install the phone without loosing the data. The sqlite3 database provides the flexibility to easily handle and query large sets of data, without 'spamming' the main partition.

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