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Summary: Magento eCommerce mobile app builder by Knowband converts your eCommerce web store into a feature rich mobile application. It provides numerous features in your mobile application right from quick user login to simplified checkout and easy order submission. It automatically synchronizes your web store and mobile app in real time. Magento eCommerce mobile app maker provides you an engaging platform to lure mobile based shoppers and thus helps you in expanding your business reach. Nautica Magento Mobile app is developed to provide demo to Magento store owners about how their store will function as a mobile application. This demo is free of cost and is available for every latest version of android.

Updated: Jul 17, 2018
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Requirements: Android OS 4.2 and up
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Nautica Magento Mobile App Free App Description:
Developer: Knowband
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Knowband's Magento eCommerce mobile app builder develops a feature loaded and pocket friendly mobile app. With engaging mobile platform, huge section of Android and iOS users could be easily targeted around the world. Some of its noticeable features are as follows:
1. Bundle of themes and fonts
Different fonts and themes are provided in Magento mobile apps for visual look of mobile application.
2. Tablet and mobile optimization
These mobile apps works smoothly on every mobile devices such as tablet, smartphone, iPhone and iPad.
3. Real time web store synchronization
Mobile app and web store are sync in real time which provides a smooth way of managing store's inventory or order details from the back-end.
4. Multi-lingual and RTL support
Magento eCommerce mobile app builder for Android/iOS supports multiple languages and RTL writing styles in mobile applications.  
5. Unlimited push notification
You can send unlimited push notification to app users and notify them about new store offerings and deals to increase sales.
6. 24/7 user support
Store admin can provide live user support in Magento eCommerce mobile apps with Zopim chat.
7. Simple and uncluttered  navigation
Magento eCommerce mobile app maker provides simple and easy app navigation with multiple filtering and sorting option to easily find your desired products.
8. Quick social login 
Magento mobile applications have Facebook and Google+ login options allowing users to fast and secure log in process. 
9. Wish list 
The eCommerce mobile app has built-in wish list feature that allows the store visitors to save their favorite products for future purchase.
10. All coupon type support
Magento eCommerce mobile app builder supports all types of available coupons and vouchers.
11. Multiple shipping and payment method support
Various shipping and payment methods are supported by Magento mobile app creator extension. Thus, the eCommerce mobile app can make shopping hassle free for the online shoppers.
12. All types of product support
The eCommerce mobile app maker supports all products types such as simple, virtual, configurable or bundled products.
13. Voice search
Magento android mobile app maker offers user friendly voice search option as well. This feature is currently missing in Magento iOS app maker.
14. Simplified checkout
Magento eCommerce mobile app builder provides one page checkout feature. It simplifies order placing for app users. 
15. Order tracking
Users can easily track their order details and status with mobile apps developed by Magento eCommerce mobile app creator.

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