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Summary: All metal and rock news, from more than 10 music portals!

Updated: Mar 1, 2018
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If you are a fan of heavy metal and rock music, then you really know how important it is to stay informed about metal and rock events in the world.
New albums, upcoming concerts in your area, band members changes and others - the metal world is alive and full of news!
With this Android app you will have the privilege of accessing the latest heavy metal and hard rock news, the same moment they are published online on the most reputable and popular websites of the hard sound!
We have aggregated and included in this application more than 10 news sources through their RSS feeds. RSS allows you to view all news coming from a website, without exiting the app, in a convenient and easy to read way. 
No more loading huge, heavy websites only to try find where the latest news are!
What you can do instead is choose among one of the news sources we have added and tap on it. You will get at once all the news coming from this portal, sorted by newest to oldest, and you can opt to read any of them, as you wish and when you wish!
** Some of the Features **
* Easy to surf the news from all included websites
* Displays the news in a row, with image and summary. If you wish to read the full story, you enter the particular news entry.
* The most popular websites of heavy metal and hard rock are included and are at the tip of your fingers, without exiting the app!
* Stylish and compact size, suitable for phones or tablets
* All kinds of metal and rock news - bands formations, new albums, albums reviews, concerts, even lifestyle-related news about your favorite metal bands!
* Free to use forever!
Let us know if you have criticism, comments or other feedback. Just send us an e-mail and we will be back to you as soon as possible.

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