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Summary: Play the most fun puzzle game NINJA BIRDS INVADER.

Updated: Sep 30, 2012
Category: ninja, birds, invader, fight, game, manotech, touch, sensor, fly, casual, kill, puzzle, mind, shot, battle

Requirements: Android OS minimum 1.6
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Developer: Manotech Softwares PVT Limited
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Play the most fun puzzle game NINJA BIRDS INVADER. Toss out the ninja birds one by one off the sky, what you have to do is just remove all ninja birds from the sky, except for one. You just have to toss out the ninja birds along a line into other ninja birds knocking them off the sky. You are not allowed to toss out the neighboring ninja birds also cannot toss out a ninja bird directly off the sky. Download now and cherish the ninja birds invader.
There are two zone in this mindblowing puzzle
Arcade Zone: In this mode of puzzle get high scores by completing puzzle in a very short time. If you stuck use the retry button to replay the same level, your level time and score will be reset.
Time Zone: In this mode your high scores fully depends on number of levels you have completed in defined time, use the reset button to replay the same level but remember your level time will not be reset.
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