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Summary: Get Parkour app and find out “what is parkour”, get familiar with some of the parkour movements and discover more about the philosophy of parkour!

Updated: Apr 3, 2013
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Get Parkour app and find out “what is parkour”, get familiar with some of the parkour movements and discover more about the philosophy of parkour! Watch videos of parkour practitioners performing seemingly difficult or impossible body maneuvers at great speed!
-	In parkour people run on foot, move quadrupedally, jump, climb, and use other methods of catching yourself, grabbing hold of things, and hanging from things, rolling and balancing!
-	Discover how to perform some basic parkour movements, such as: landing, balance, cat crawl, underbar, lache, swing, pop vault, wall hop, wallpass, wallrun, dash bomb, cat leap, cat grab and much more!
-	Learn how to flow with the currents of life in a more harmonious and beneficial manner so that your very daily activities themselves become an extension of your training and practice!
Parkour (abbreviated PK) is a physical discipline which focuses on efficient movement around obstacles. Developed in France by David Belle, the main purpose of the discipline is to teach participants how to move through their environment by vaulting, rolling, running, climbing, and jumping. Parkour practitioners are known as ‘traceurs’.
Parkour's modern history began in the 1920s, though similar movements can be found in the Eastern martial arts ninjutsu and qing gong. Georges Hébert began teaching the fundamental movements related to parkour during this time period, and eventually the training became the standard for the French military. David and Raymond Belle would expand on Hébert's work, and David would eventually find the Yamakasi group, the first group dedicated to parkour.
Along with The Bourne Ultimatum, Casino Royale is credited with starting a new wave of parkour-inspired stunts in Western film and television. Parkour is featured prominently in the film Breaking and Entering, in which two of the characters employ parkour techniques to burgle an office in Kings Cross, London. Parkour is featured in the film Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. David Belle was hired as parkour choreographer for the film and appears in the DVD and Blu-ray featurettes. Aamir Khan learned parkour techniques for his role in the 2011 movie Dhoom 3.
Jump London is a documentary which explains some of the background to parkour and culminated with Sébastien Foucan, Johann Vigroux, and Jérôme Ben Aoues demonstrating their parkour skills. Jump London was followed by Jump Britain, which featured Foucan and Ben Aoeus. My Playground, a documentary film by Kaspar Astrup Schröder, explores the way parkour and free running are changing the perception of urban space and how the spaces and buildings they are moving on are changing them. The Australian TV program 60 Minutes broadcast a segment about parkour on September 16, 2007, which featured Foucan and Stephane Vigroux.
The webcomic Schlock Mercenary makes frequent reference to ‘Parkata Urbatsu’ which is said to have grown ‘out of the ancient disciplines of parkour, urbobatics, and youtubing. It is a martial art that focuses on both pursuit and escape in developed environments, with an eye towards the aesthetic.’
A number of video games include parkour as major gameplay elements. 
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