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Summary: Browse the news through RSS feeds of Philippines.

Updated: Apr 17, 2018
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Developer: Anteos
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"Philippines Online News" is an application which will give you access to a very wide list of news sources from all around Philippines.
With its small size, intuitive design and amazing features, this app will be a must-have for people who love staying informed about latest news in Philippines, even when they are abroad!
We have added news sources from TV channels, web portals and newspapers websites, with a focus on politics, society, economy, as well as sports and lifestyle.
You simply need to select an RSS feed from the list and the news articles will load immediately, with an image and a story summary.
If an article is interesting, you can view the whole story or visit the website where it was published.
When you use an app with RSS feeds, you save time and data from your phone plan because you avoid loading heavy websites to get informed.
- Many new sources
- News load automatically, the same moment they appear at the respective websites
- Politics, economy, society, sports, etc.
- Optimized for tablets and smartphones
- Clean user interface, easy to use
- Android Material design
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