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Summary: A new user interface for your contacts

Updated: May 29, 2010
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Requirements: Android
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What is Phonebook for Android:

Phonebook is a great alternative to the Contacts application and it comes with a new user interface and extra features such as a landscape view, an activity log which includes calls and messages. A Professional edition and a Social edition will soon come on the Android Market. Phonebook is a new Address Book. It comes with a new user interface, a landscape view, a unified communication inbox (calls and sms), statistics, set as default, birthday in notification bar, search contacts, group management.

It displays relevant contextual information about your contacts such as coming birthday, missed calls and unread text messages. The list of contacts is dynamic and can also be displayed in landscape mode with a nice cover flow.

Brand new user interface:

The contact list shows pictures of contacts and the latest interaction that you have with them. It also let you attach an avatar that you can choose among a list of defined avatars.

Advanced Contact management:

As a contact application, Phonebook provides all the required features including a Dialer. To help you find the contacts you call most, Phonebook also display the number of calls and the date of last call for each contact.

Contextual information:

Phonebook displays relevant contextual information to the end-user about their contacts such as the coming birthdays or missed calls

Activity Log:

Unlike the Call Logs application, Phonebook provides an Activity Log module which displays all the incoming and outgoing communications whatever the channel. This includes calls, text messages. It also provides the ability to see in a threaded view all the exchange that the user had with a given contact.

Phonebook Screenshots

A new user interface for your contacts A new user interface for your contacts

A new user interface for your contacts A new user interface for your contacts

A new user interface for your contacts A new user interface for your contacts

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