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Summary: Pimp out your old and boring pics with several effects, filters, stickers and many more.

Updated: Jul 16, 2013
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Requirements: Android OS
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What is Photo Text Editor Fun Camera for Android:
Developer: Creatiosoft Solution Private Limited
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Photo text Editor is a free photo editor android app that will enhance your photo with various stylish and funky frames, stickers and effects. A powerful free photo manipulation tools available in Android Market. A free smart camera app with variety of fun image editing effects or photo editor effects. For text, you can always adjust the size, font and placing on the picture. You can enhance your photos by adjusting the brightness, saturation and contrast, clean up blemishes.
This cool Photo editor app or digital camera app is a complete photo lab that also gives you the option of sharing your creations to all the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter. Dont wait, download this app and write text on your photo just like in instatext and share it.
1. Use Editing options such as crop, rotate to fix your photos .
2.  Complete set of retouching magic color adjustment filters, effects and stickers which can make the best of your portrait photos.
3.  Super fast loading time!
4. Very low battery consumption & easy to use user interface.

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