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Summary: PIP Photo Editor lets you set a photo in another photo with the creative photo frames. Easily making your photo more stunning than other pip photo frames!

Updated: Jan 19, 2017
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Requirements: Android OS
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PIP Photo Editor Free App Description:
Developer: FormationApps
Support Email: formationapps4@gmail.com
Web Site: http://www.formationapps.com
Pip photo editor has pip photo effects that have taken the photo quality and editing to the next and new level. 
Pip photo editor is a fun app for mobile phones that allows putting one picture inside another, within a variety of spaces: pip frames, magazines, stickers, things, displays.
PIP Photo Editor  Pip photo effects can use filtration in two ways: to all photos/pictures at once or to the primary photo/picture only. For every photo, you can select whether you want to take it with the camera or choose from the gallery.
Although Pip editor includes a lot of shapes and different photo frames to place your photos/pictures into, even those may seem limited after a while. Don't fear, the Library part allows installing lots of free photo frames to continue doing art to your photos/pictures.
 PIP(Picture in Picture)  Most wonderful photo frames we have given in this Pip Editor App. Begin creating your creative photos now.
 Magazine Library  Multiple really nice layouts you will find with Pip pic editor, click on any photo/picture and it will be immediately downloadable. All the photo frames are exclusively developed and created. 
 Photo Frames  Thousands and many photo frames are available for you with pip photo grid and all is coming from Cloud, so you do not be concerned about storage. Be it popular Photo Frames, Pip photo Frames, wonderful Frames or Post Card Frames, there is several collections and more are added from day to day, from after sales, so that you do not have to upgrade the app.
 Stickers Creative stickers or crazy photo frames with cute and effects for pictures that you will love everything you implement them.
Are you a photo freak? Well, in the era of high megapixels smartphones that can click really gorgeous pip selfies and nice pictures/photos all the time, who isnt crazy for pictures/photos? Sometimes when you do not get the desired picture, all you need a wonderful pip camera that can add the required elements to your picture. 
What makes a pip selfie editor best and unique? Its features and filters that can make your photo/picture complete without losing its resolution. PIP camera is a one and all photo editor that not just redefines the photo editing procedure to the next level, but it also acts as the best editing app ever.
Main popular functions of Pip photo editor:
 Crystal Bottle Design, Photo Frames Series, Easy Design, Animated StyleYou name it, we have it. All awesome styles are especially for you. You would choose a design, and then select photos/pictures, only two easy steps, an innovative collage is done. Share it to your Instants in one tap; see what your friends going to say.
 No store photos/pictures on your phone? Dont worry! Pip camera editor has already developed a group of awesome picture taking PIP(picture in picture) layouts. Select a really nice design, and then take whatever photos you like. Get PIP Effects photos/pictures in only one tap.
 If photography is your interest and if you're already tired with all best photo editing apps, now is your chance to try something pip effects new in picture layouts! Take a picture with pip photo editor and select your favorite among much interesting pip(pictures in picture) photo frames! Photo editing begins now!
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