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Summary: Let jump with Poke rabbit!!!

Updated: Aug 3, 2016
Category: poke, rabbit, jump, adventure, touch, wolf, ingest, catch, run, rotten

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Poke Rabbit jumping Free App Description:
Developer: vietbrain
Support Email: kimchinh@vietbrain.com
Web Site: http://www.vietbrain.vn/
Poke rabbit jumping is a game which challenges the patience and visual acuity of players
Take control the Poke Rabbit to avoid the risks by jumping over the obstacles on river and run as fast as possible to escape from the hurried Wolf
Touch your fingers on the screen: the left to jump one step; the right to jump two steps
Tap the screen so the Rabbit can move forward. Be clever to chose wisely between jumping one step or double steps. Try not to fall into the water because of jumping on rotten wood or stay too long on turtles. You also can die as be eaten by crocodiles if you take a long time on them. Poke rabbit jumping has it all:
- Lovely high-resolution graphics
- Unlimited levels
- Easily way to have fun but need to be clever to get high scores
Now, let's take your own experience with Poke Rabbit jumping!

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