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Summary: Listen to your favorite music LIVE and FREE using Poland Radio Online app. It provides the best Polish radio stations for your Android, such as RMF FM and Radio ZET.

Updated: Jan 16, 2014
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Requirements: Android OS 2.2+
Downloads: 80
What is Poland Radio Online for Android:
Developer: Aleksandar Milosevic
Support Email: photobeatme@yahoo.com
Web Site: http://photobeatapps.wordpress.com
This fantastic radio app features over 30 radio stations of various genres, ranging from hard rock to classical music. You can download it free and listen to your favorite radio wherever you go. In order to listen to free online radio, Internet connection is required. Moreover, if you dont like listening to the news about the weather and politics, Poland Radio Online has a great variety of stations playing club and dance music, which will keep you in a good mood for hours. 
	Radio Alarm: Choose a radio station to wake you up in the morning. In case your phone does not have internet connection and your alarm is set, the default alarm on your phone will go off.  
	Sleep timer: There is an option to set the Sleep timer for each radio station individually.
	Favorites: You can use the option Favorites to extract a list of the radio stations that play all the new songs you like.
	Call info: If you receive a call during a radio stream, the app volume will be muted during the call. After you have finished talking, the volume will be on again.
Furthermore, this application provides radio stations, such as RMF Classic, which play classical music, whereas there is radio streaming with rock and roll music on Radio Bielsko, as well. Besides music, the app provides talk radios, such as Tok FM, where you can tune in and listen to broadcasting of interviews with celebrities and experts from different scientific fields.
Download Poland Radio Online to your Android platform for free and enjoy endless FM and AM radio streams of latest news, best music, and entertainment. It will keep your mood up and make the time go by a lot faster during trips to and from school, work or during a long drive. Download now and look for more free Android apps we offer.

Download Poland Radio Online free for your Android phone

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